"fragile thoughts
from their egg-shell minds."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

pint glasses

We got 25 and came within a gnats breath of having only 24, and these are just the ones that are in the cupboard.
As I was counting one tried to jump to its demise, though I would have none of that and daftly trapped it against the counter and another. Whew, it was really close.

But we got too many of these.
And these aren't just plain ones', they're all from events or something really cool like that.
They've become quite the thing to give away at races and such.
Though now, like the t-shirts, they are taking up too much room and we don't use them or break them often enough.
I'd like to make a quilt of the t-shirts.
I drink my beer from the bottle.

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