"fragile thoughts
from their egg-shell minds."

Monday, July 21, 2008


It does a body no good.

Wrecked and beaten is how we are feeling.
Thursday, drive up to Mt. Snow.
Friday, cheer on others, ride lap or two of course, work on bikes.
Saturday, race, at least once, pack up and drive home.
Sunday, race, drink hot beer in parking lot.

Abandon all hope we who enter here.

PS by DS - all driving done w/o AC and it was hot, like the beer.
(thanx Betsy!)


BUNNY said...

You forgot to mention that driving from WV to VT (and back) in 90+ degrees temps with no AC does not do a body so good, either.

crs said...

....To WV from DC before...from WV to DC after it all...ouch